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2018 Update From David Gogo

January 17, 2018

Hey, folks!!

Welcome to 2018!

2017 was a great year and I enjoyed getting out there and playing for you. Solo shows, band shows, festival workshops and guest recordings. Theatres, festivals, clubs, houses … all over. It was especially cool to play some new venues, which I will continue to do this year, as well as returning to my old favourites.

The big challenge for me, right now, is to write a new album. I always strive to make the latest the greatest, which is not always easy! I am lucky to have some time close to home over the next month to dig in. I have been playing around with new tunings, rocking some different axes than what I usually play and coming up with new ideas. I have been pleased as punch with the last three albums (all of them Juno nominated!) but I want top them - see if I can push the envelope a bit on the next record without upsetting the apple cart too much.

I have usually kept the acoustic songs to the acoustic albums, and the electric songs on the electric albums, but I am not going to limit myself on the new release.

Vicksburg Call mixed it up a bit and I liked that. I sometimes lose a bit of spontaneity in the studio and I want to remedy that. I also shy away from the fact that I play a pretty bitchin’ lead guitar and I should be definitely capitalizing more on that!

“Vicksburg“ was an huge step in the right direction for what I am trying to get to on this new project.

I shall continue writing away and I will keep you updated on my progress! Meanwhile, keep checking the tour dates and follow me on Facebook, Twitter and even Instagram!

Rock on with your bad selves …



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