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David Gogo's Soul Bender Podcast is Out Everywhere Today!

March 3, 2020

Today is the day! You can now hear the first episode of the 'David Gogo Soul Bender Podcast' on your streaming platform of choice. 

Listen: On Anchor FM & On Apple Podcasts 

Episode 1: "Remembering Stevie Ray Vaughan"

It’s hard to believe that Stevie Ray Vaughan was only 35 years old when he passed away, and it will be 30 years since the unfortunate accident which led to his death on August 27th, 1990. He is a legend in the industry, inspiring and influencing millions of fans to this day.  

David Gogo was fortunate enough to spend time with Stevie Ray Vaughan on several occasions, between the age of 15, and up until his untimely passing. In the first-ever episode of the David Gogo Soul Bender Podcast: David Gogo, tells a never-before-told story of how he met and hung out with the guitar icon, Stevie Ray Vaughan

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